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How Does it Work?

  1. 1

    Pick a Player
    Howitworks athlete luck Howitworks athlete peterson Howitworks athlete lynch Howitworks athlete rodgers Howitworks athlete bryant Howitworks athlete manning
  2. 2

    Pick a Contest
    Howitworks contesttile weekly
    Weekly Rank Contest
    “Will Andrew Luck rank in or out of the top 10 QB This week?”
    Howitworks contesttile season
    Season Points Contest
    “Will Andrew Luck score over or under 152.35 Fantasy Points this season?”
  3. 3

    Use my Skills
    Howitworks contesttile weekly Choose your player and contest
    Howitworks entercontest projection Make a Prediction
    Howitworks entercontest yourein Let your friends know: to play with or to challenge?
  4. 4

    Contest Matching
    Howitworks matching in
    User Entry
    “Andrew Luck will rank IN the top 4”
    Howitworks matching out
    “Andrew Luck will rank OUT of the top 4”
  5. 5

    Winning Time
    Howitworks winning user
    Howitworks winning record
    Howitworks winning wallet
    Weekly Rank Contest
    At the end of each week, position rank is determined. Then winners & prizes are allocated.
    Season Points Contest
    At the end of the season, fantasy points are calculated. Then winners & prizes are allocated.
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