Fantasy Sports is considered a game of skill.

The core skill behind fantasy sports is the ability of the user to project future statistical performance of professional athletes, both on an absolute basis (i.e how many fantasy points will Andrew Luck score in 2015) and a relative basis (i.e will Peyton Manning be a top 3 QB based on fantasy points this week).

So we decided to build THE GAME around this concept.

The P1CK game has no draft or salary cap. Just 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Pick any Player
  • 2. Pick a Contest Type: Weekly Rank or Season Points
  • 3a. Auto - Match against an Open Contest
    An open contest is a user entry which has not yet been matched
  • 3b. Enter a New Contest by making a Prediction

The cut-off time for season points entries is January 3rd, ECT
The cut-off time for weekly rank entries is Sunday 4pm ECT
The cut-off time for Tag2eam entries is 5 minutes before the first game’s scheduled tip-off

Contest Matching

Once a contest is entered into the P1CK platform, it either automatically matches against an existing open contest or becomes eligible to be later matched by another user’s entry.

Contest Entries can be canceled up and until a Match occurs. A Match occurs when two opposing statistical projections are in the system at the same point in time. Once a match occurs, the contest is locked in and there is no further ability to cancel. Open Contests will expire at the aforementioned Entry cut-off times.

Fantasy Points Scoring

When the opening whistle blows, your player begins to accumulate points based upon actual statistics. The total amount of fantasy points scored by the player over the duration of the contest is calculated. Fantasy Point totals will extend out to the hundredths place and round to the nearest decimal. The rank calculation is based upon each player's total fantasy points. Rank is determined across the universe of league players for each position. (i.e for football, Peyton Manning’s fantasy points versus all NFL Quarterbacks)


At the end of the contest duration, winners and losers are determined, prizes awarded and accounts are settled.

Season Contests for Football will be determined on Monday January 4th at 3AM
Weekly Contests for Football will be determined every Tuesday at 3AM
Daily Contests for Basketball will be determined at 4:30AM every morning following the previous night’s games


The Next Fantasy Champion basketball game, TAG2EAM, is based on the fantasy performance by a pair of NBA players.

Daily Rank contests are determined by the combined fantasy points scored from both players versus BOTH 1) all other active pairs and 2) the fantasy point average from pre-defined historical pairs (I.e Michael Jordan & Scotty Pippen)

  • 1. Pick Any Pair of Players
  • 2. Auto – Match against an Open Contest
  • 3. Enter a New Contest by making a Prediction

Play Now
Offense Fantasy PTs
touchdowns (td) +6
interceptions (int) -2
fumbles lost (fl) -2
receptions (rec) +.5
passing yards (payd) +.05
rushing yards (ruyd) +.1
receiving yards (reyd) +.1

For DEF: Points Against = Total Points scored by the opposing team

For DEF & IDP: Special Teams TD do not count

Def Fantasy Pts
POINTS AGAINST = 1 – 7 +20
POINTS AGAINST = 8 - 14 +15
POINTS AGAINST = 15 - 21 +10
POINTS AGAINST = 22 - 28 +5
IDP Fantasy Pts


Fantasy PTs
points scored (pts) +1
rebounds (reb) +1
assists (ast) +1
steals (stl) +1
blocks (blk) +1
turnovers (to) -1

If, following the conclusion of all daily NBA games, two or more pairs finish with identical fantasy point totals, the following steps will be taken until a champion is determined.

1. High Individual NFC points
2. Total Points Scored
3. Total Rebounds
4. Total Assists
5. Total Blocks
6. Total Steals